For me painting is a way to connect.

With the inner self and with others.

My work is about connection, love, calmness and vulnerability.

I'm always trying to find essence and I think we do all seek for

this in our own unique way.


This way of discovering my own essence started at the end of 2019,

when I started to draw. 

I did not have a plan. I just bought some pencils and sketch paper.

I remembered that feeling of creating, from when I was a child again.

It was a wonderful discovery, a true gift.


It felt like coming home. This is it.

Two years before this I realized I was not happy in life.

From that point the journey of finding my true self started

and creating became a way to heal and reconnect. 

Not long after I started creating I got asked to show my work

at an exhibition in  Amsterdam. It was a beautiful experience

to show my work and connect with the visitors.

This opportunity gave me the confidence

to follow my creating urge and trusting my intuition. 

I'm getting inspired by my inner world, organic shapes,

relationships, nature, light and feelings.

We live in a loud and fast world. With my work I'm trying to

create a sense of inner peace and calmness by it's viewer.

Slow down. Look around. Wonder. Enjoy.

Love, Jitse

Jitse van der Wijst.jpg