My work is about trying to understand us as human beings.

Our sensitivity, intimicy, emotions, behaviour, struggles,

desires, and last but not least: our universal need for love.

But also trying to understand who we are beyond our human form.

For that I’m constantly shifting between different layers of consciousness.

Painting helps me – most of the time intuitive -  to understand what is

happening inside us, individual and collective, and with that I'm also

trying to connect with others.


I'm always searching for essence and I think we do all seek for

this in our own unique way.

This way of discovering my own essence started at the end of 2019,

when I started to draw. 

I was not happy in life and wanted to feel the comfort of drawing

from when I was a child again.

I did not have a plan. I just bought some pencils and sketch paper.

I remembered that feeling of creating from when I was young again.

It felt like coming home.

From that point creating became a way to heal, reconnect and transform.

Not long after I started creating I got asked to show my work

at an exhibition in  Amsterdam. It was a beautiful experience

to show my work and connect with the visitors.

This opportunity gave me the confidence

to follow my creating urge and trusting my intuition. 

We live in a loud and fast world. We can use some more slowing down,

real connection and understanding for each other. So with my paintings

I'm also trying to create a sense of inner peace and calmness by it's viewer. 

Slow down. Look around. Wonder. Enjoy.

Love, Jitse

Jitse van der Wijst.jpg